Job outlook good for new grads

After the last exam has been taken and the excitement of the circumstance has died down, graduates are often left wondering, “what next?” For most graduates, the next step is securing employment. However, for the past few years the job market has been dismal due to the nation’s economic recession. This week the Labor Department… Read More »

An Overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

There are several forms of bankruptcy that can be utilized by an individual or corporation. Determining which option is best, depends on the individual situation of the debtor. This div will give a brief overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Relief under Chapter 7 is available to several entities, including partnerships, individuals or corporations and other… Read More »

Using chapter 7 to rebound from financial woes

Money problems are not limited to low and middle-income citizens in Kansas and in other states across the nation. The rich and famous are notoriously targeted for money scams. Though making millions during the course of a year, there are times when business managers have been found to take more than their fair share from… Read More »

Bankrupt and retired

Looking forward to retirement? You may need to take a closer look at your investments. According to 2013 Census Bureau data, retirees in 47 of the 50 states are well below the financial mark when it comes to maintaining income in retirement. Residents of Kansas and other states must save more in order to survive… Read More »

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you overcome mounting debts

Mounting debts and calls from creditors can be very difficult for consumers who are underwater in debt. Anyone who is facing the reality that there just isn’t enough income to cover debts might ultimately decide to file for bankruptcy. One possibility is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There is a variety of reasons why someone might end… Read More »

What is the role of a case trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

When a debtor files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Kansas City, a trustee is appointed to the case. The trustee is a neutral party whose role is to be the administrator for the case and liquidate any of the assets belonging to the debtor that are not subject to exemptions. If an estate has assets… Read More »

Who is eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

As many Kansas City residents may know, it is all too easy for debt to creep up on a person. A mortgage, a car loan and multiple credit cards may be manageable until the unexpected happens. When faced with a disastrous event that potentially drains their pocketbooks, leaving them unable to pay their monthly bills,… Read More »

Holiday shopping can lead to credit card debt traps

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and many Kansas shoppers are feeling generous. The economy seems to be doing better, the job market is improving – many shoppers may feel like it’s safe to spend a little more on gifts this year with a credit card and pay off the balance in 2014…. Read More »

Avoiding bankruptcy in the New Year

A new year can equal a new financial you. As 2014 starts, many are focusing on financial renewal in the New Year. Below are some tips that may help individuals get their financial house in order. The first thing that should be tackled is discretionary spending. This is a category where the battle for fiscal… Read More »

Preventing credit card denials

Using credit cards is a convenient way to pay for merchandise. However, this convenience can become a source of embarrassment when a charge is denied. Though many people use credit cards on a daily basis, very few people know all the things that can trigger a denial on a purchase. When a purchase exceeds the… Read More »