Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and divorce are legal issues that frequently overlap. In some cases, financial issues and overwhelming debt may lead to arguments that ultimately bring a marriage to an end. In other cases, the transition from a two-income household while married to a single-income lifestyle post-divorce can lead to debt problems. Divorce debt itself can be substantial, because that is often an expensive process. Whatever the case may be, the attorneys at Stockton & Stern can help you find the necessary debt relief.

When To File Bankruptcy

In some cases, there may be a question of when to file divorce. Perhaps you and your spouse have not yet begun the divorce process, but you know you have debt problems that need to be overcome. Should you file bankruptcy before divorce? Is it possible to file bankruptcy during divorce? Or is bankruptcy after divorce the best option?

Our lawyers will help you come up with a divorce and bankruptcy strategy that we believe will lead to the best possible outcome. We recognize that both divorce and bankruptcy are extremely stressful legal matters on their own, and combined they are extremely worrisome. Let us worry about your case so you do not have to.

In addition to handling bankruptcy, our law firm also handles divorce and family law matters. We can represent you in both your divorce and your bankruptcy, or we can work seamlessly with your current divorce attorney to ensure that everything is handled properly.

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