Our Approach

We strive to help you

We handle a wide range of legal matters, but a common thread runs through most of them: The families that come to us are often trying to resolve highly personal and emotionally charged issues. This might involve moving a loved one to a nursing home and finding the means to pay for it; litigating a disputed will, trust or power of attorney; establishing guardianship for a minor child or incapacitated adult; or obtaining a favorable result in a divorce or child custody dispute. Issues such as these require attorneys who possess a mastery of the law as well as empathy and compassion for what the family is going through emotionally.

We strive to meet our clients’ legal and emotional needs. We accomplish this by forging close, long-lasting relationships with our clients and providing a level of personal attention rarely found in this day and age. For example, we frequently meet with our elderly clients at their homes or senior living communities because we understand how difficult it is for a person with mobility issues to come to our offices. This is but one example, yet it indicates why so many of our clients have become dear friends and view us as part their extended family. We would have it no other way.

There was a time when attorneys were commonly referred to as counselors. We believe counselor is an apt term for the way we practice law. We invite you to contact us for a personal meeting, and ultimately, provide us with the opportunity to serve as your “counselors for life.”