Avoiding Probate in Kansas

Experienced Overland Park probate lawyers help you avoid probate with a sound estate plan

The only control you have about what happens after you die is to create an iron-clad estate plan now. With the right estate plan, you can ensure your family gets all the assets you want. You can control your legacy and protect their future. If you don't have the right estate plan, however, relatives or others may be able to lay claim to your assets, tying up your estate in probate. Probate is a court proceeding to determine who is entitled to your assets, which can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

Working with one of the experienced Overland Park estate planning and probate lawyers at Stockton & Kandt ensures you develop an estate plan that won't wind up in probate later. You can feel confident that your family will have the assets you wish and their financial future is protected after you're gone.

Options for keeping your estate out of probate

There are multiple options you can explore for your estate that could keep it out of probate in Kansas. Our attorneys will explain each of them and help you understand what might be best for your circumstances. The options include:

Setting up some of these documents can create a more concrete designation of assets that isn't as likely to be challenged in probate. By planning ahead with one of our trusted estate attorneys, you can ensure that your assets are not tied up in probate and that the people you want to have your support will get it without losing time or money.

Why isn't a simple will enough for your estate?

In some cases, a simple will may go unchallenged and cause no problem. But you cannot assume the same will be true for your estate. There are too many ways that a simple will can be challenged. Some family members may challenge it based on the timing of when it was written, such as if you finalized during a period of illness or emotional instability or if you finalized it before changes in your family occurred, such as having more children or get re-married. Others may challenge it based on the legal language used in it.

There are many, many reasons why a will can be challenged. Our attorneys help you understand all the possible issues and either write a will that is immune to these challenges or help you put together an alternative estate plan. Our goal is to keep your assets out of probate.

Our skilled Overland Park estate planning and probate attorneys protect your family's financial future

At Stockton & Kandt, our lawyers are knowledgeable in estate planning and probate and are dedicated to protecting your family's financial future after you are gone. Call our office today at (913) 856-2828 or use our online form to schedule a consultation. We'll help you understand your options and put together the right estate plan to pass on your legacy.