Medicaid Crisis Planning

Overland Park Medicaid and estate planning lawyers help individuals who are facing an immediate crisis requiring long-term care get qualified for Medicaid

Unfortunately, many Americans are failing to properly plan for the costs of the long-term care needs they may face in the future. And if you fail to plan ahead for a what-if scenario, you will likely face even more challenging emotional and financial burdens if you are faced with a medical crisis which requires you to immediately seek long-term care treatment. Long-term care refers to the need to live in a facility which will provide some level of medical care such as a nursing home, assisted living community, and home health care. With the rising costs of such long-term care facilities and communities, many individuals and families struggle to financially provide the level of care their loved ones need. This is where Medicaid crisis planning can help.

Crisis Medicaid planning requires a vast knowledge and understanding of the existing and ever-changing Medicaid laws. If you or a loved one are facing a medical crisis and need to receive Medicaid benefits to help pay for the cost of your long-term care, the Overland Park Medicaid planning lawyers at Stockton & Kandt LLC are here to help you understand your options and qualify for benefits as soon as possible while preserving as many assets as possible.

How does crisis Medicaid planning differ from proactive Medicaid planning?

Medicaid crisis planning begins only after you have experienced a medical crisis which makes it necessary for you to receive Medicaid benefits in order to receive the long-term medical care you will need. Unlike proactive Medicaid planning where you have access to tools such as trusts and gifts to help preserve your assets while qualifying for Medicaid, most of the traditional tools used to structure assets in a manner which protects them are not available in crisis Medicaid planning because of the immediate need to qualify for benefits. The goal of crisis Medicaid planning is to preserve as many assets as possible while also helping you qualify and start receiving Medicaid benefits as quickly as possible.

How can a lawyer help you through Medicaid planning during a crisis?

Because the traditional tools used in estate planning are not usually available as an option in crisis Medicaid planning, you need the guidance of an experienced crisis Medicaid planning attorney to help you preserve and protect your assets and qualify for Medicaid benefits as quickly as possible. Crisis Medicaid planning often focuses on how a couple divides assets to protect the assets and income for the well-spouse who doesn’t need long-term care, spending down assets using a strategic plan, maximizing all financial exceptions available, and completing the Medicaid application process as soon as possible so you can begin receiving benefits and the long-term care you need quickly.

Trusted Kansas Medicaid planning lawyers guide you through the difficult and emotional challenge of qualifying to receive Medicaid benefits

The best time to prepare for unexpected medical costs is before you need them. But if you or a loved one have found yourselves facing a crisis requiring immediate long-term care and have questions about whether you can qualify to receive Medicaid benefits, you need to contact an experienced estate planning and Medicaid planning lawyer. The compassionate Kansas Medicaid planning attorneys at Stockton & Kandt, LLC. have the experience necessary to be your trusted advisors through every season and change of life. Our Kansas estate planning and Medicaid planning lawyers are well-versed in today’s Medicaid and estate planning laws needed to protect your income, assets, and your family’s financial future. To schedule your confidential appointment, call us at 913-856-2828 or contact us online today. We have offices conveniently located in Gardner and Overland Park, and can come to your home if you can’t come to our office.