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Certainty in a Time of Uncertainty
Firm Overview: Your Trusted Advisors Through the Seasons of Life
What Is Bankruptcy?
Sophia's Healthcare Checklist: Are you prepared?
Life Insurance - Are you Covered?

Marion's "What is" videos

What is Elder Law?
What is Probate and How to Avoid It?
Medicare vs Medicaid
Why Elder Law Is So Important

Good News Gardner videos

Episode 1: The Premier
Episode 2: Special Guest Gardner Mayor-Steve Shute
Episode 3: Special Guests Steve Hines and Wally Borth
Episode 4: Special Guests Kirk Berggren and Frank Gieringer
Episode 5: Special Guest Dr. Andy Bowne
Episode 6: Special Guest Aaron Otto

Glenn's Community Caf¨¦ videos

Your "Trusted Advisor" Sales Person or Business Owner?
Why Can Income Taxes Go Up When We Retire? Part 1
Why Can Income Taxes Go Up When We Retire? Part 2
The Market During an Election Year with Michael Turner of American Century
The "I Dos" of 2nd Marriages and Blended Families
My Estate Plan is Complete, Now What?
Planning for Loved Ones with Special Needs
Charitable Giving- How to Build a Strong Family Legacy
How Has COVID Affected Your Office/Team?
Buy? Sell? Breaking Down the Real Estate Market in 2020
Banking Through Uncertainty During COVID 19
Are You Prepared for Long Term Care?
Do Masks Work? "All Things Covid"
5 Ways to Ensure Your Home & Other Assets are Passed Onto Your Kids
5 Critical Estate Planning Documents to Have to Protect Your Family, Money & Property
Parenting from the Grave
Why can income taxes go up when we retire?
Capital Gains vs Dividend Investments and NQ Tax deferred vs NQ taxable.
Charitable Giving ¨C How to build a strong family legacy.
How to avoid going broke in a nursing home with Long Term Care planning.
More Money & Less Taxes in Retirement
I've finished my Estate Plan, now what?
2nd Marriages & Blended Families
Is your Trusted Advisor a Sales Person or a Business Owner?
What you need to know about powers of attorneys and healthcare directives
Your money in the year of Coronavirus, Politics, and Stimulus
Using Specific Estate & Tax Planning Techniques for Your Benefit
Managing Fear and Greed With Your Investments