Incapacity Planning

Overland Park estate planning attorneys guide clients in creating comprehensive incapacity and advanced directive plans

One of the most difficult and emotional aspects of estate planning is preparing for our own future incapacity. No one likes to think the day may come when they will no longer be able to care for themselves or make their own decisions. However, there is a serious possibility this may happen to you in the future, especially with the advances in medicine which are keeping people alive longer. The good news is with the help of an understanding and experienced incapacity planning counselor, you can make decisions now to ensure your wishes for your medical, financial, and living condition decisions are carried out in the future. The knowledgeable Overland Park estate planning lawyers at Stockton & Kandt, LLC. use a personal approach to create each individual incapacity plan to meet your legal and emotional needs.

Medicare and Medicaid planning

One of the first things you probably want to consider when planning for potential incapacity is ensuring your healthcare and long-term care costs are going to be properly covered. Medicare is a federally run health insurance program which covers some of the medical healthcare costs for people over the age of 65 or who are blind or disabled. Medicaid is a joint federal and state-run insurance program for low-income individuals and families in need. While Medicare does cover many healthcare expenses, it is important to know it does not cover everything in full and it also does not cover the cost of long-term care and nursing homes. Medicaid does cover the long-term care and nursing homes and picks-up where Medicare leaves off. Skilled planning for Medicare and/or Medicaid now ensures your assets and financial legacy are protected for your family in the future.

Advanced directives planning

One of the most important aspects of incapacity planning is preparing for how your medical, financial, and daily living decisions will be made. In the event of your incapacity, you will undoubtedly want a person you are close to and can trust to be in charge of making these important decisions for you while carrying out your wishes. Our caring incapacity planning attorneys guide our clients through the entire process of considering which decisions need to be made in advance to properly prepare for your potential incapacity. Advanced directives planning includes:

It is important to know these terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same documents.

Estate planning

One of the most difficult aspects of incapacity planning is preparing for your death. But our experienced incapacity planning lawyers know the devastating effects dying without leaving behind clear instructions and directives for the distribution of your assets and financial legacy can have. A well thought out estate plan is essential to any comprehensive incapacity plan. Our skilled estate planning attorneys will guide you through the entire estate planning process and use any necessary tools such as wills and trusts to create a complete estate plan you can trust to protect your wishes for your family and the future.

Our Overland Park estate planning lawyers guide you every step of the way

The best time to prepare for the future unknowns is now. While we understand it is difficult to think about such emotionally-charged issues as incapacity and estate planning, it is also necessary in order to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out. The estate planning attorneys at Stockton & Kandt, LLC. have the experience necessary to guide you through even the most complex estate planning needs. Our Overland Park estate planning lawyers are well-versed in all Medicaid and estate planning laws needed to protect your family's financial future and ensure your wishes for your medical, financial, and daily living decisions are met. To schedule an appointment, call us at 913-856-2828 or contact us online today.