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Bankruptcy changes for same-sex married couples

The Attorney General has proposed changes to the way that bankruptcy laws are applied. The changes come on the heels of the Defense of Marriage Act being struck down by the Supreme Court. The Department of Justice now hopes to move it’s policies toward greater equality for all. He seeks to eliminate the distinctions between… Read More »

Backstreet Boys battle to receive payment in bankruptcy court

Businessman Lou Pearlman is in the middle of a bankruptcy filing. At one time he was responsible for bringing together such noted acts as the Backstreet Boys. After many years that relationship has soured and several lawsuits have been filed by the band against Pearlman. Now, the band is seeking to remain on the list… Read More »

Low retirement savings for low income Americans

Americans today are living longer than any generation before us. As a result, the need to save and plan for retirement is even more important. When the economy took a dip, many retirement accounts were affected. For those who were already struggling to get by, job losses and low wages make it near impossible to… Read More »

“Meet the Parents” actress reportedly files for bankruptcy

Many Kansas residents have had the frightening experience of getting a big bill in the mail and wondering where they will get the money to pay it. Whether it’s a credit card or doctor’s bill, a tax bill or something else, these can frighten many people into borrowing more money just to get it out… Read More »

The right and wrong way to pay off student loan debt

May and June are the months of graduation season in America. For those with looming student loan repayment and no real job prospects, this season of celebration is bittersweet. Some graduates may be wondering if there is any help for those struggling to make their student loan payments. There are some solid options that will… Read More »

Kansas business forecast may be sign of improvement for some

A recent survey of Kansas and eight other Midwestern states show an improvement in business conditions. The overall Mid-America Business Conditions Index rose slightly in May to 60.5, up modestly from 60.4 the previous month. To some, this may seem like a modest change that does not deserve a big applause from Kansas citizens. However,… Read More »

New bill proposed to help those filing for medical bankruptcy

It is an unfortunate and scary reality that an unexpected medical condition can strike at any time. Those who are subjected to these illnesses may not only be physically and emotionally damaged, but they can be financially harmed too. The cost of medical care remains high, and keeping up with minimum payments can be difficult,… Read More »

Citigroup settlement may help some avoid bankruptcy

Kansas consumers who financed their mortgage through Citigroup may have a financial settlement in their future. Just this week, Citigroup settled its mortgage investigation with the Department of Justice. The bank is set to pay a reported $7 billion to settle the case. The investigation centered on Citigroup’s mortgage-backed securities. Many of these securities were… Read More »

Avoiding bankruptcy in your 30s

Last week’s post reviewed tips for financial solvency during an individual’s twenties. Some of the advice included: building an emergency fund, paying off credit card debt and taking a chance with the job that a person loves. But what happens when Kansans move into their thirties? Below are some tips for financial survival. In the… Read More »

What is a discharge of debt in bankruptcy?

A discharge relieves or forgives an obligation. In the case of bankruptcy, liability for certain types of debts can be relieved after a period of time. This is not a temporary solution. Once a debt is discharged, the debtor no longer has a legal obligation to pay the debt. The timing of a discharge depends… Read More »