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Five Reasons Business Owners Need Estate Plans

Business owners are notorious for engrossing themselves in the day-to-day management and functions of their businesses. As a business owner, you are likely the heart and soul of the company you lead...Read More »

What Happens to an Estate Plan During a Divorce?

Divorce is a legal action that does far more than just end your marriage. Divorce also disentangles your financial connection, including the estate plan you created while married...Read More »

Protection Must be Included in Estate Planning

Asset protection and protection in general must be important cornerstones of the estate planning process. Far too many people think about how to most easily transfer their assets to someone else. However, it is equally important to consider the benefits of asset protection planning... Read More »

Don't Have an Unplanned Exit in Your Business

Many people who own their own company assume that their family members may ultimately step in to manage the business. But what happens if your children or other family members... Read More »

Get Organized with This Estate Planning Checklist

Most people are already aware of the benefits of estate planning, whether they've done it themselves or experienced an estate planning disaster brought forward by the experiences of... Read More »

How to Include Plans to Pay for College in Your Estate Planning

Planning for the future goes well beyond saving for a child's college education. Parents also must think about what could happen to a college savings account if they are not around... Read More »

Estate planning is not as straightforward as some may think

Some individuals in Kansas City may have made some steps towards creating an estate plan. However, without the right help, they may find themselves running into unexpected problems that could hurt them in the long run. First of all, one mistake is simply not having an estate plan at all. You may think that the… Read More »

Why might a trust be preferable to gifts in estate planning?

In the past, this blog has stressed the importance of estate planning, such as creating a will or a trust to pass your property on to your chosen heirs after you die. However, some individuals in Kansas City would rather gift their children property while they are still alive rather than placing that property in… Read More »

Prince’s death puts estate planning into perspective

Rock legend and superstar Prince was a worldwide celebrity, and his untimely death is truly tragic. Yet for all his wealth and fame, it appears he may not have had an estate plan in place, dictating how he wanted his millions passed on after he died. And he is not alone. Many individuals in Kansas… Read More »

What are some grounds upon which a will contest can occur?

The death of a loved one in is an emotionally difficult time for just about anyone in Kansas City. Sometimes this grief is eased if their loved one left a will, which states without question how their loved one wants their property distributed. However, what happens if you disagree with the contents of the will?… Read More »

A well-rounded estate plan includes a variety of legal documents

Some people in Kansas City, when they hear the phrase “estate planning,” think of creating a will, and then end it there. However, there are many different kinds of documents that make up a well-rounded estate plan. That being said, there can be some confusion as to what these various types of documents accomplish. First… Read More »

What you can accomplish with will planning

2016 has seen its fair share of celebrity deaths. While some celebrities had estate plans in place, others, such as music legend Prince, died without even creating a will. They serve as an example, that no matter what your wealth, dying without an estate plan can cause many legal headaches for loved ones left behind…. Read More »

Trusts can be of use both during your life and after your death

Most people in Kansas City associate estate planning with death. However, with trusts, an individual can control his or her assets during his or her lifetime in a way that is impossible with only a will. This blog has touched on certain types of trusts in the past. Today we are going to examine three… Read More »

How can estate planning help those nearing the end of their life?

Unfortunately, not everyone in Kansas City creates an estate plan while they are still in good health. Unless they have simply reached a very old age, people cannot predict when they will be nearing the end of their lives, as a grave illness or disabling accident could strike anyone, young or old. However, even if… Read More »

Think you don’t need an estate plan? Think again

Some individuals in Kansas City may think they do not need estate plans. After all, maybe they don’t have much in the way of wealth. Some simply trust that their loved ones will take care of things after they are gone. And some don’t want to think about the fact that some day they will… Read More »

How can one create a living will in Kansas?

Thinking about what you would want done with regards to life-sustaining procedures is not pleasant, and can be down-right uncomfortable. However, making such decisions as part of an estate plan can ensure that your wishes will be met, and your loved ones won’t be put in a situation in which they’d have to guess as… Read More »