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Get Organized with This Estate Planning Checklist

Most people are already aware of the benefits of estate planning, whether they've done it themselves or experienced an estate planning disaster brought forward by the experiences of family and friends.

Thankfully, an estate planning checklist discussed with an experienced estate planning lawyer can help you figure out what you need to include in your estate plan and when it's time to get more advanced with estate planning opportunities.

Creating an estate planning checklist will not be as hard as you think and it can save your beneficiaries a significant amount of pain and confusion. Although 64% of Americans currently do not have a will, according to 2016 studies, and many high-profile figures like celebrities pass away without appropriate estate planning, there are easy steps that you can follow by considering the purpose of an estate plan to begin with.

An estate plan can accomplish many different individual goals for you. An estate planning checklist should always include:

Depending on your individual goals, you may need more advanced estate planning techniques. A lawyer can tell you more about what to expect.