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Bankruptcy Posts

Stroke of bad luck leads to bankruptcy

While there is one word to describe the state of being in an untenable debt situation — bankruptcy — there are four distinct types of filings available to pursue relief from that debt. There are those types designed for individuals and then there are those designed for businesses. In Kansas, sometimes the two entities are… Read More »

Bankruptcy tourism? Not likely in Kansas

Believe it or not, individuals considering bankruptcy may now be taking a page out of the playbook of medical tourists. Medical tourists travel from countries with expensive health care systems to countries with cheaper systems for medical procedures. So, a Kansas resident with tonsillitis might travel to India for surgery. But now, some people may… Read More »

Former college football coach reaches bankruptcy settlement

Any Kansas resident considering filing for bankruptcy should keep in mind that people from all professions and all walks of life use bankruptcy as a tool to eliminate debt. For individuals facing a seemingly relentless flood of debt, paying critical expenses, stopping foreclosure and stopping repossession of vehicles are often first priorities. Personal bankruptcy can… Read More »

Disaster preparedness should include financial preparedness

From tornadoes to wildfires, our nation has seen many natural disasters in the past few years. In the state of Kansas alone, 40,000 acres and 26 structures have burned due to prolonged drought coupled with high temperature. Beyond the physical loss of homes and businesses, there is an emotional and financial challenge that develops when… Read More »

Kansas recovering from economic downturn faster than national average

One of the big issues in this election year is jobs. Here in Kansas, citizens are reviewing the results of the 2012 Kansas Economic Report. Though the state unemployment rate has dropped since 2011, those still seeking employment remain concerned about Kansas’ job growth rate. Failure to secure employment puts these citizens in danger of… Read More »

Drop in foreclosures could signal stabilizing housing market

The last few years have brought job loss, under employment and general economic instability for many Americans. This week brought some good news to a housing market that has been staggering under the weight of the nation’s economic decline. Foreclosures have fallen in more than 60 percent of cities in the United States. A slowing… Read More »

Hostess bankruptcy closing bakeries in Kansas

The iconic American food company, Hostess, has announced that a judge has approved a plan to close the company. Lovers of such products as Twinkies, Wonder Bread and Drake’s snacks are clamoring to buy their beloved favorites before they possibly disappear forever. This development marks the end of 82 years of conducting business. It also,… Read More »

The real cost of Kansans getting a college education

For many Kansas residents, getting a college education is one of the first financial investments young people make. Unfortunately, given the ever increasing costs, a wrong decision could lead to unexpected financial difficulties in the future. For many people, getting a clear view of the costs of education may be a challenge. However, there are… Read More »

The new threat to social security

Working Americans have paid into the social security system and are expecting a return in their retirement. Currently the cost of living adjustments are calculated using the Consumer Price Index (CPI). However, a new budget proposal presented by the White House attempts to use a different rubric to calculate cost of living. The potential changes… Read More »

How bankruptcy can help where credit counseling has failed

It is often said on this blog that unexpected life events can result in huge financial distress. This is very true for one family that discovered their child had a learning disability. After one couple’s son was extensively tested, it was discovered that he had an auditory processing disorder. However, his scores were not low… Read More »