Gardner High Net-Worth Divorce Attorneys

The divorce process is emotional and complicated enough as is. When your divorce involves in multiple complex assets, things become even more technical. This makes it very critical to have a divorce attorney in your corner who has experience assisting clients through similar situations as your own.

With more than 10 years of experience, our high net-worth divorce attorneys at Stockton Law are here to serve your needs. Contact our Gardner family law firm to learn how our Christian values and extensive divorce experience can be put to use for you.

Assisting You Through Complex Property Division In The Ottawa, Olathe And Gardner Areas

As knowledgeable complex divorce attorneys, we have a firm understanding of how to solve the many issues that can arise in your marriage dissolution, including:

We are also very familiar with enforcing premarital agreements (also known as prenuptial agreements). If you have issues with your marital contracts, we will analyze them and inform you of all your options.

Asset And Business Valuations During Divorce

When you have a family business and are going through the end of your marriage, it is imperative to have a lawyer in your corner who knows the steps to take to protect your company and your rights. We work with valuation experts and financial analysts to ensure that your business and its assets are properly valued.

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