Gardner Estate & Trust Litigation Attorneys

Disputes over the distribution of assets, whether through probate or the administration of a trust, occur more frequently than you might think. So, too, do disputes over guardianships.

These disputes arise for a number of reasons. Sometimes, outside parties try to take a part of the family estate for themselves. In other situations, family members disagree about “who was supposed to get what” or “who Mom would have wanted” to act on her behalf. Challenges to wills and even trusts are not uncommon, and when there is not a will at all the potential for disputes is even greater. Such disputes can prove costly, resulting in devastating personal and financial consequences for some family members. They can also lead to hard feelings between members of the family that last a lifetime.

Perhaps even more disturbing, many cases involve people of trust, such as executors and trustees, who betray that trust and use estate assets for their own personal gain.

While many estate planning attorneys shy away from handling contested matters, all of our attorneys are seasoned litigators capable of handling a wide range of matters, including contested probates, trusts and guardianships. In fact, other attorneys frequently refer these contested matters to us. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your particular situation.