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How Can I Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me?

Strategies for Finding Candidates

Ask Friends and Family

Word of mouth is always a good way of finding someone to provide a service. If you know of friends or family members who have successfully filed bankruptcy, ask them which attorney they used and if they would choose that law firm again. Be sure to ask them what they liked and didn't like about the law firm and what the results of the case were.

Search for an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy law is complicated and must be tackled correctly for the best outcome. Codes related to bankruptcy are always changing, and a serious bankruptcy attorney will follow those changes closely. The right attorney will also know what courts want to see in terms of paperwork and personal responsibility and will be able to advise you of actions that are most likely to lead to beneficial results for you.Filing bankruptcy is not a job for a general lawyer. You need someone who handles bankruptcy cases regularly and understands every aspect of the process. Make sure the law firm you choose discusses bankruptcy law on its website or advertising and counts that as one of its specialties. You are far more likely to win a bankruptcy case if you use an experienced lawyer. 

Consider Past Success

Find out how often the law firm you are considering has won bankruptcy claims for its clients. Your attorney should have an impressive record of winning bankruptcy cases like yours and have satisfied clients who have been able to turn their financial problems around. The right attorney will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do and will be comfortable taking your case to court. 

Have a Consultation

Find a bankruptcy law firm that offers you a free chance to come in and talk about your case. The attorney should listen carefully to the specifics of your situation and should ask you questions to determine which type of bankruptcy would be right for you. The right attorney will have confidence about your case and will let you know honestly if you have a good chance of having your bankruptcy claim accepted.During the consultation, you will also be able to find out which of your debts will be qualified for elimination or reduction under bankruptcy law and what will be required of you as far as credit counseling and classes on managing debt. Be sure that you are comfortable with your attorney and that you don't feel like you are being judged for your mistakes or being pushed into a decision.

Reasons to File Bankruptcy

Growing Debt

Filing bankruptcy may be able to help you if you have debt that is growing out of control, and you are unable to keep up with the payments. Credit card debt just keeps getting bigger as interest is compounded. If you have fees for late payments, the problem becomes even worse. You may have found yourself in a situation where you can no longer pay the minimum amount due on your credit cards.If you miss payments on other types of debt, they can grow out of control as well. Every time you miss a payment, fees and penalties can be added that will increase the cost of the next payment. Soon you may find that you cannot make payments at all. If you are no longer able to manage your debt or pay your bills without going further into debt, filing bankruptcy could be the right option.

Risk of Losing Your Home

Getting behind on mortgage payments is a special problem. When you are unable to pay your mortgage, even if only for a few months, you can easily get so far behind that it is impossible to catch up. The amount you owe on your mortgage can quickly become substantial. When you owe a significant amount of money to your bank or mortgage company, you will start getting notices that your house will be in foreclosure.If you cannot make your mortgage payments, it is essential that you take the appropriate steps before you lose your home. If your home goes into foreclosure, you are likely to have trouble finding a rental property where you can live. This can make your current financial problems even bigger.

Damaging Stress

The stress from unmanageable debt can affect every part of your life. You may be so worried about your financial health that you lash out at people who are close to you. You may become depressed and unable to participate in activities you used to enjoy. Sometimes marriages are even torn apart because of debt.Don't let money ruin your relationships with people who are important to you. You don't deserve to live with the crushing stress of drowning in debt, and your loved ones don't deserve the consequences.

Results You Can Expect

Creditors Will Stop Calling

Once you file bankruptcy, collection agencies and creditors are no longer legally allowed to contact you. You will no longer be harassed by phone and through the mail by aggressive debt collectors.

Reduction in Debt

Once your bankruptcy case is completed, you can expect your debt to be reduced. Certain kinds of debt like credit card debt and some kinds of loans are eligible to be either wiped out or decreased through bankruptcy. Your lawyer will you which of your debts qualify. You can expect to continue making payments on some of your debt, but the immediate pressure will be relieved.

Keep Your Property

Most of the time, filing for the right type of bankruptcy will allow you to keep property such as your home. Other property may have to be returned to the loan holder, or a payment plan can be arranged. Your lawyer will be able to advise you of which property you will be able to keep and what the court is likely to expect from you as far as repayment.

A Fresh Start

Bankruptcy was created to give a second chance to people like you. When your bankruptcy claim has been accepted and your financial situation has been reset, you will be able to start over. You can start building good credit and making better decisions about money and debt. You will gain tools through financial education throughout the bankruptcy process that you can use to make good choices going forward.If you are asking how can I find a bankruptcy lawyer near me, you will want to consider a variety of important factors related to choosing bankruptcy and identifying someone to help you through the process. If your financial life is out of control, contact Stockton and Stern LLC to schedule a free consultation with experienced attorneys who will listen to your story and help you create a plan to make things better.