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Let’s spend a little time this week discussing spending. More specifically, there are seemingly small spending habits that may be costing Kansas debtors big time. Little things like an occasional restaurant lunch to the re-design of a debtor’s favorite laundry detergent bottle may secretly bust their budget.

It is estimated that most Americans eat out twice a week. Women spend an average of $15 for lunch while men spend $21. This adds up to a little under $1000 each year. However, opting to pack a lunch five times a week can save up to $2000 each year.

Next, debtors may want to take a second look at the new redesigned packages of their favorite goods. Instead of raising the price of products, some companies are redesigning their packages to widen the product opening. This causes consumers to use the product faster. To avoid falling for this trap, it may be helpful for debtors to pour their favorite product into the old packaging so that their usage remains the same.

Finally, debtors may want to take a look at their online shopping habits. Many retailers offer free shipping when a person spends a certain amount of money. A recent survey revealed that three out of four people admit to purchasing more items so that they qualify for free shipping. Don’t fall for the trap!

Even after debtors take control of their spending, it may still be difficult for them to keep up with their debts. Credit card debt can leave some feeling like they work just to make minimum payments. However, there may be help for those who are struggling under the weight of their debt.

Bankruptcy may be a viable option for those seeking to get debt relief. Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy may be the vehicle to help settle debt once and for all. A bankruptcy attorney can help determine a person’s options when it comes to debt relief.

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