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Previously this blog discussed several alternatives to nursing homes that senior citizens in Kansas City may want to consider. These care planning alternatives included accessory dwelling units, in-home health care and group homes. Today we are going to explore three other alternatives to nursing homes: continuing care retirement communities, subsidized senior housing and assisted living facilities.

First of all, what are continuing care retirement communities? These are communities that offer several types of living arrangements based on the amount of care the resident needs. For example, a continuing care retirement community may provide residents with the option of living in an individual apartment, an assisted living facility or a traditional nursing home, depending on the level of independence the resident desires and the level of care the resident needs.

Another alternative to nursing homes that may be an option for some residents of Kansas City is subsidized senior housing. Both the federal and the state governments have programs in place to provide financial assistance to lower income individuals to help them afford housing, and in some cases food, housekeeping, and daily chores and errands. In general, the senior citizen will reside in an apartment, the rent of which will be based on his or her income level.

Finally, let’s take a look at assisted living facilities. An assisted living facility is a place where a senior citizen can live that assists the resident with the his or her daily self-care activities, but the resident still gets to reside in his or her own apartment. Residents often share meals as a group and participate in other social activities together, which are provided by the assisted living facility. The assisted living facility usually charges its occupants a monthly rent along with other service fees. Since different assisted living facilities offer different services, it is important for those interested in becoming residents to do their research to ensure the assisted living facility they choose is the right fit for them.

As this series of posts has shown, there are alternatives available to senior citizens beyond traditional nursing homes. Long-term care is an important issue to consider, and with a variety of options available, residents of Kansas City can hopefully find the long-term care resources that best meet their needs.

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