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Is long-term care insurance the best fit for everyone?

As Kansas City’s “baby boomer” population ages, they may be beginning to contemplate who will take care of them during their elder years when they are no longer capable of living on their own. Some individuals, approximately 13 percent, have purchased long-term care insurance to pay for nursing home care and other care not covered… Read More »

Long-term care planning can ease the burden on your loved ones

Kansas City residents may find that death, finances and the possibility of incapacity are just plain uncomfortable to talk about with their loved ones. However, while these conversations may be difficult, with an estate plan in place, it could reduce the amount of stress your survivors feel during a difficult time. Some topics that may… Read More »

Care planning can involve a medical power of attorney

Last week, this blog discussed how, despite the fact that they may be difficult discussions to have, individuals in Kansas City should sit down and talk to their loved ones about care planning. Some issues to discuss are whether or not to create a living trust, what one’s long-term care plans are, and what type… Read More »

How can one plan for caregiving in Kansas City?

Deciding to take on the responsibility of being a caregiver for an aging loved one is a big decision. For some people in Kansas City, recognizing that their parents cared for them while they were young makes them feel responsible for caring for their parents in their old age. This is often a decision that… Read More »

There are many options for elder care in Kansas City

Long-term care planning may be something to which, while young, we may not have given much thought. However, as we age, we may find that at some point in time we need assistance to take care of ourselves. This is where long-term care comes in. There are a variety of long-term care options in Kansas… Read More »

Not all older Americans have discussed care planning

Residents of Kansas City may be interested to hear that per a new research letter, over 25 percent of older Medicare beneficiaries do not have an advanced care plan in place. Moreover, low income individuals, African Americans and Latinos were the least likely groups to have made care plans to meet their end-of-life needs. Respondents… Read More »

Caregiving in Kansas City has costs, both personal and financial

Caring for an elderly loved one in Kansas City is a noble task, but unfortunately, it is also an expensive one. For example, at first, it may be possible to care for a loved one at home, but eventually, that loved one may need professional in-home nursing care or perhaps, even need to be placed… Read More »

The future of long-term care insurance and care planning

Some people in Kansas City have given thought ahead of time to care planning, and in anticipation of the fact that they may need in-home health care in their old age have purchased long-term care insurance. However, that industry is seeing some tough times. For example, one long-term care insurance provider, John Hancock, has stated… Read More »

Care planning can ease the burden on your loved ones

The last thing an aging person in Kansas City wants to be is a burden on their loved ones. For this reason, many choose to make their end-of-life wishes known while they are still in good mental and physical health. Such decisions may include whether they would like to be put on life support, if… Read More »

Care planning can address end-of-life issues

When a person in Kansas City decides to create an estate plan, he or she may think that all he or she needs is a will or trust. However, estate planning encompasses more than just what happens to one’s property after death. Take care planning, for example. An estate plan can include directions for what… Read More »