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Many senior citizens in Kansas City who receive Medicaid benefits may wonder what type of care these benefits cover. In some circumstances, Medicaid benefits can be used to pay for certain types of long-term care services. Some of these benefits are referred to as institutional benefits.

For purposes of Medicaid benefits, the term “institution” has a certain definition. Institutional benefits have several things in common. An institution is a facility where a person lives and that provides total care for the person. For example, an institution provides the person living there with room and board, as part of the person’s comprehensive care, which may not be included in other types of Medicaid services.

In addition, the care must be charged and reimbursed in one installment, although the institutional rates and what may be included in the bundle varies by state. Furthermore, the institution covered by the benefit must have a state license and certification, per standards set by the federal government. These institutions may be examined regularly, to remain certified and licensed. For some people in an institution, their Medicaid benefits may be linked to their need for care.

Determining what is covered by Medicaid and what is not is not always easy. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the Medicaid system, which many individuals may not have. Since this post only provides general information and cannot promise any specific result, those who plan on utilizing Medicaid benefits as a part of their long-term care needs may want to confer with an elder law attorney, to determine what type of services they qualify for.

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