What benefits may be provided through Medicaid in Kansas?

All states, including Kansas, are responsible for creating and implementing a statewide Medicaid program. These programs determine the types of benefits will be available through the program, in what amounts and for how long, in accordance with federal guidelines. Specifically some types of benefits in general must be included in a state’s Medicaid program, while… Read More »

Medicaid planning in Kansas City can be very complex

Medicaid planning may be a very important part of an estate plan for many residents of Kansas City. However, eligibility for Medicaid can be very complex area of law. The following is a brief overview of two Medicaid eligibility issues. When determining eligibility, the federal Medicaid program takes into account the applicant’s income and other… Read More »

Can Medicaid benefits cover long-term care in an institution?

Many senior citizens in Kansas City who receive Medicaid benefits may wonder what type of care these benefits cover. In some circumstances, Medicaid benefits can be used to pay for certain types of long-term care services. Some of these benefits are referred to as institutional benefits. For purposes of Medicaid benefits, the term “institution” has… Read More »

Eligibility requirements for Medicaid planning

Long-term care planning is something that all Kansas City residents should think about. It benefits not only the individual who will one day be in need of care, but also the families of these individuals who want to see that their loved one’s health and finances are taken care of in their old age. For… Read More »

Medicaid planning for those with a limited income

A previous post here reviewed the general requirements that must be met for an individual to be approved for Medicaid. Medicaid planning is important for many people in Kansas City as part of planning financially for their elder years. There are some specific financial requirements that must be met for an individual to be approved… Read More »

Medicaid planning is complex, consider seeking help

Kansas City residents are living longer these days than ever before. With this, however, comes the increased need for long-term care. As the population gets older, more and more individuals will eventually need to enter a nursing home or receive in-home care. And this care is not cheap. In fact, for residents of Kansas and… Read More »

One’s assets and income can affect Medicaid planning

It is a fact these days that although people are living longer than ever, nursing home care and other types of long-term care can be prohibitively expensive. Have you given much thought about how you will afford such care when the time comes? One option you may want to consider is applying for Medicaid. Medicaid… Read More »

Attorneys can assist with the creation of special needs trusts

Sometimes, a person in Kansas City with special needs receives government benefits such as Medicaid benefits or Supplemental Security Income. However, did you know that if a person receiving benefits comes into an inheritance, his or her ability to continue receiving benefits could be affected? There are certain income and asset requirements that an individual… Read More »

Pending registry in may help Kansas Medicaid recipients find care

A statewide registry in Kansas is being created that would provide Medicaid (KanCare) recipients in the state with website that would make it simpler for them to find personal care professionals. This may help many individuals who have not been able to find individuals that are capable of caring for the sometimes significant needs of… Read More »

Legal advice can help when applying for Medicaid benefits

Many individuals who are planning for their long-term care needs often determine that they will need to apply for Medicaid benefits. However, there are numerous hoops to jump through in order to qualify for such benefits. In order to be approved for Medicaid, individuals in Kansas City must meet certain income and asset requirements. In… Read More »