What is the difference between an heir and a beneficiary?

Some people in Kansas City have written very detailed wills spelling out exactly what assets they want to hand down to their chosen heirs. These transactions are known as bequests. However, these same people may also have retirement accounts or other financial accounts, in which someone is listed as a beneficiary. For estate planning purposes,… Read More »

Estate planning for Kansas City business owners

Many entrepreneurs in Kansas City have spent their lives growing their business and reaping the fruits of their hard efforts and successes. Naturally, their day-to-day priorities involve the running of their business. However, there is one aspect of being an entrepreneur that should not go overlooked: estate planning. Through a well-rounded estate plan, a person… Read More »

Estate planning, a crucial aspect of protecting one’s finances

People in Kansas City are hard workers who try to be financially responsible. And, part of being financially responsible is creating an estate plan, to see one’s assets passed on. While one estate plan may not seem too different from another, in fact it is important that every estate plan be drafted with the unique… Read More »

How can one get their estate plan in shape for 2017?

Most people in Kansas City right now are wrapped up in the busyness that accompanies the holiday season. They are doing their last minute shopping for that perfect gift, travelling by road or plane to visit relatives, attending religious services and all-in-all they are celebrating what is a special time of year. During the holidays,… Read More »

Organization can be key to an effective estate plan

If one has an estate plan, organization can be key to ensuring that the plan is carried out in the manner intended. For example, a person in Kansas City might have a will or trust, a financial power of attorney that names another person tasked with handling the person’s financial affairs, if the person is… Read More »

How does one’s lifespan affect when heirs will inherit?

Thanks to medical advancements, people in Kansas City and nationwide are living longer than ever. In fact, it is possible for a person to live into their 80’s, 90’s or beyond. While this longevity is a good thing, particularly when a person is able to maintain a comfortable quality of life, it does raise some… Read More »

Do not let the lack of an estate plan haunt heirs

Some residents of Kansas City, for one reason or another, may have put off estate planning. Perhaps, they do not think they have much in the way of assets, or they simply do not want to contemplate their inevitable death. However, even those of modest means still have assets that need to be accounted for… Read More »

Getting help with Medicaid planning for special needs trusts

Estate planning is important for all residents of Kansas City, but especially so for those who have a beneficiary withspecial needs. In these situations, an estate plan needs to be carefully tailored, so that the creator’s chosen beneficiary does not lose the important government benefits they need. Many individuals with special needs receive Medicaid. In… Read More »

President Obama names nominee for head of Medicaid and Medicare

Many residents of Kansas City and across the United States rely on Medicare benefits to meet their health care needs, especially senior citizens. Therefore, they may be interested to hear of President Barack Obama’s nominee for head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The President has nominated Andy Slavitt to head the agency… Read More »

Applying for Medicaid benefits in Kansas City

These days, residents of Kansas City are finding their lifespans increasing more than those of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. This could be due to a number of factors, including an increase in awareness about living a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise and the ever-increasing advancements in medical care. This also means that… Read More »