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In many divorce cases, the subject of alimony is an important issue, but also often a point of contention. Referred to as both maintenance and spousal support under Kansas law, this is a determination that can significantly impact a divorcing spouses financial future. You always want to fully understand your rights regarding spousal support, whether you are seeking support or your spouse wants you to provide support.

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What is Spousal Maintenance?

The law recognizes that there is often a substantial income disparity between spouses, and that many spouses make professional sacrifices for the good of the family and household. The law believes that people should not have to struggle due to the marital sacrifices they made, and are entitled to financial support under certain circumstances. Consider the following scenario:

Spousal Support in Kansas

Each state has its own specific laws regarding spousal support after a divorce. In Kansas, the law permits a court to order maintenance that will allow a spouse to have a reasonable standard of living until they are financially independent enough to maintain that standard of living on their own. Maintenance is not intended to be permanent, and the court has the discretion to decide what type of alimony to award, such as temporary support during the divorce, short-term support after the divorce, or long-term support. Even long-term support has a limit of 121 months (except for special cases) and is usually reserved for cases involving lengthy marriages.

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