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Thinking about care planning in your old age is an important topic that should not be put off or avoided. Some people in Kansas City may decide that in-home health care is their preferred choice; while others may feel that a nursing home is their best option. Of course, one’s insurance, the medical costs they incur and the extent to which they are able to care for themselves will all factor into making these important decisions.

Through in-home health care, individuals may have their personal and medical needs met in the comfort of their own home, for as long as they are able to do so. In-home health care may in some circumstances include nursing care, physical therapy and other rehabilitation services and more. This may make in-home health care an attractive option to some Kansas City residents.

That being said, sometimes the level of care a person needs goes above and beyond what can be provided through in-home health care. In some situations, a person may be able to enter into a nursing home. Depending on the circumstances, a nursing home may be able to provide an individual with a greater scope and degree of services compared to in-home health care.

Determining what end-of-life care is in your best interests can be a difficult decision. It can help to think of these options ahead of time, before you become so incapacitated that you can no longer make such decisions, which could burden your loved ones who may have to determine what your wishes would have been. The professionals at Stockton & Kandt LLC understand that care planning is an important topic to address in a well-rounded estate plan. Stockton & Kandt LLC has a webpage about estate planning that Kansas City residents may want to look at.