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Long-term care planning may be something to which, while young, we may not have given much thought. However, as we age, we may find that at some point in time we need assistance to take care of ourselves. This is where long-term care comes in.

There are a variety of long-term care options in Kansas City. For example, there is in-home health care. Home health aides can assist people with daily care tasks. Personal aides can also perform cleaning tasks, make meals and run errands. Home health professionals can also assist with basic medical care while a person remains in his or her own home.

There are also day programs to consider. These programs give people the chance to interact socially at care centers. These programs are best suited for people who are healthy enough not to need 24-hour care. Transportation may be provided, and some basic medical services may also be provided.

Finally, there are a number of housing options available to people. For example, some apartment complexes are available only to seniors. In addition, there are assisted living facilities, which provide help with self-care, and may also provide meals, cleaning, transportation outside the facility and opportunities to interact socially with other residents. Another option is a continuing-care retirement community, which provides care on various levels, depending on the resident’s needs. Finally, there are nursing homes. These facilities are long-term residences for those who are no longer able to live independently or care for themselves.

So with all these options, how does one choose? First of all, determine what level of home and health care is necessary. Also, do you have personal preferences as to the size of the facility or other amenities? Of course, how much a facility costs are always an issue. Location is also important, as it may be desirable to live close to your loved ones. Also, take a day to visit the facility. Did you have a good first impression of it? Finally, it can help to assess reviews of the facility, comparing it to other ones of the same type.

In the end, choosing long-term care is important for all individuals. By carefully thinking about the needs and desires of you or your loved one, it is possible, with the right planning, to make an appropriate choice.

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