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Using credit cards is a convenient way to pay for merchandise. However, this convenience can become a source of embarrassment when a charge is denied. Though many people use credit cards on a daily basis, very few people know all the things that can trigger a denial on a purchase.

When a purchase exceeds the available credit, we expect that the charge will be denied but there are other things that can trigger a denial as well. A card that is rarely used but suddenly goes into use can cause an account to be shut down. Even multiple purchases in one store within a short period of time can cause a card to be denied. Purchases made outside of the normal zip code may also cause a credit decline. Companies do this to prevent stolen cards from being used.

To avoid these credit pitfalls it is important to make sure the credit card issuer has a valid cell phone number. This way, if any issues are encountered the company will be able to reach the card user in a timely fashion. If possible, it is advisable to carry a back-up credit or debit card when traveling. Alternating cards during a trip may help prevent reaching daily spending limits. When planning a trip, credit card holders are advised to inform their credit card issuer of their upcoming travel so that a hold will not be placed on the card.

For individuals who have experienced credit card denials due to a lack of available credit, it may be time to look for new ways to reduce credit card debt. A bankruptcy may be able to help a Kansas resident regain credit health.

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