Kansas City trust administrators have important responsibilities

Trust administrators have an important job. It is up to them to handle the trust assets and invest them as is appropriate. Then, once the creator of the trust has passed on, the trust administrator has to disperse the trust funds per the terms of the trust. These are all heavy responsibilities, so those who… Read More »

Creating a trust that protects one’s heirs and one’s assets

Some residents of Kansas City may have looked into the possibility of creating a will or trust as a means of passing on their assets to their loved ones. However, they may have concerns about doing so, particularly, if they are unsure that their heirs will wisely handle their inheritance once it is received. When… Read More »

What are the duties of Kansas City trustees?

Being chosen as a trustee for a loved one’s trust is a great honor, but it can also be a great responsibility. Kansas City residents who have taken on the role of a trustee must be careful in executing their duties. Some may wonder, what are the duties of a trustee? First, the trustee must… Read More »

What are “revocable” or “irrevocable” trusts in Kansas?

When Kansas residents think of the term, “estate planning,” the first thing that likely jumps to mind is the creation of last wills and testaments. Because wills are the most commonly used tool for planning how to distribute one’s assets after death, it is logical that they are also the most widely known. There is… Read More »

Bankruptcy changes for same-sex married couples

The Attorney General has proposed changes to the way that bankruptcy laws are applied. The changes come on the heels of the Defense of Marriage Act being struck down by the Supreme Court. The Department of Justice now hopes to move it’s policies toward greater equality for all. He seeks to eliminate the distinctions between… Read More »

Backstreet Boys battle to receive payment in bankruptcy court

Businessman Lou Pearlman is in the middle of a bankruptcy filing. At one time he was responsible for bringing together such noted acts as the Backstreet Boys. After many years that relationship has soured and several lawsuits have been filed by the band against Pearlman. Now, the band is seeking to remain on the list… Read More »

Low retirement savings for low income Americans

Americans today are living longer than any generation before us. As a result, the need to save and plan for retirement is even more important. When the economy took a dip, many retirement accounts were affected. For those who were already struggling to get by, job losses and low wages make it near impossible to… Read More »

“Meet the Parents” actress reportedly files for bankruptcy

Many Kansas residents have had the frightening experience of getting a big bill in the mail and wondering where they will get the money to pay it. Whether it’s a credit card or doctor’s bill, a tax bill or something else, these can frighten many people into borrowing more money just to get it out… Read More »

The right and wrong way to pay off student loan debt

May and June are the months of graduation season in America. For those with looming student loan repayment and no real job prospects, this season of celebration is bittersweet. Some graduates may be wondering if there is any help for those struggling to make their student loan payments. There are some solid options that will… Read More »

Kansas business forecast may be sign of improvement for some

A recent survey of Kansas and eight other Midwestern states show an improvement in business conditions. The overall Mid-America Business Conditions Index rose slightly in May to 60.5, up modestly from 60.4 the previous month. To some, this may seem like a modest change that does not deserve a big applause from Kansas citizens. However,… Read More »