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Medicaid Application Assistance

As of August 2018, an estimated 66.7 million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid, according to the latest U.S. government report. Medicaid provides valuable health benefits but the arduous, time consuming application process discourages many qualified individuals from applying for Medicaid assistance all together. At Stockton & Kandt, LLC, our Kansas elder care attorneys guide you through each step in the Medicaid application, simplifying the process and facilitating your ability to obtain assistance for your healthcare costs.

Medicaid vs. Medicare

Medicare and Medicare sound very similar but they are, in fact, quite different. Both are health insurance programs that are administered by the U.S. government. Medicare, which is managed by the federal government, provides health insurance benefits to individuals over the age of 65 or individuals with a severe disability. Different parts of Medicare provide coverage for specific medical services. Medicaid , which is funded jointly by states and the federal government, is administered by individual states according to the federal requirements. Medicaid provides health insurance benefits to eligible individuals with very low income, including adults of all ages, pregnant women, children, and individuals with disabilities. Individuals may be eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid as the programs work together to provide health coverage at minimum cost.

Eligibility for Medicaid in Kansas

In Kansas, the Medicaid program is also called KanCare. To qualify for KanCare, you must be a resident of Kansas. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, national, permanent resident, or legal alien whose financial circumstances are characterized as low income or very low income. Applicants must also be either blind, pregnant, a parent or relative caretaker of a dependent child or children under the age of 19 years, disabled or have a family member in the household who is disabled, or be 65 years of age or more.

Qualifying for Kansas Medicaid

To qualify for Medicaid in Kansas, applicants must meet established guidelines regarding household income before taxes. Specifically, household income must fall below the following levels to be eligible:

Household size Maximum annual income

1 $16,146

2 $21,892

3 $27,637

4 $33,383

5 $39,129

6 $44,874

7 $50,620

8 $56,365

Do I need Medicaid application assistance?

Families often seek Medicaid application assistance to ensure the best possibility of acceptance into the program. Many families are concerned over the significant expense of long-term care and their inability to afford those costs. Families want to ensure their loved one receives the necessary care while preserving the family’s limited assets. The Medicaid eligibility requirements are complex and benefits are often denied due to simple human error, which complicates the health and well-being of the applicant and causes stress for caregivers and family members. The Medicaid application and review process is also time consuming and working with a Medicaid planner can accelerate the application and enable the family to receive benefits in a timely manner.

Medicaid application assistance you can trust

At Stockton & Kandt, LLC , our Kansas elder care attorneys provide experienced counsel in all aspects of the Medicaid application, simplifying the process for our clients, and ensuring timely benefits coverage for their loved ones in their time of need. To arrange a consultation with one of our Medicaid application assistance attorneys, contact our office at 913-856-2828 or contact us online.