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Bad credit and lackluster dating are not usually topics that are linked together. However, in a recent article one writer questions whether a person with bad credit is a good choice for a date. An inability to have control of one’s personal finances may be a sign of negative traits in other areas of life, or so the theory goes.

Irresponsibility may be the primary reason for poor financial health in some instances. If a significant other regularly forgets deadlines or doesn’t care about paying bills on time, this level of indifference could be a relationship killer. Even if one partner has great credit, a spouse’s bad credit can create financial difficulty for an entire family. Things like renting an apartment or qualifying for a home mortgage can be difficult with a bad credit history. A credit report is oftentimes used to determine the trustworthiness of potential renters or homeowners.

Before entering into marriage, many people consider getting a credit report. Both potential spouses should be certain about their credit history. Going into a marriage with open eyes, financially speaking, could prevent a lot of heartache in the future. The financial management website, Manila, conducted a survey to determine what percentage of people argued about money in their relationships. The result: 65 percent of those surveyed argued about money.

The lack of financial health can be a major source of discord in a marriage or other relationship. The weight of mounting credit card debts and creditor calls can take a toll on any relationship. Individuals who are stuck in a financial rut may consider exploring bankruptcy as an option.

Source:,Is bad credit a dating deal breaker?,” Polina Polishchuk, May 23, 2014