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The summer of 2011, the entire nation was captivated by the trial of Casey Anthony. The single mother from Florida was on trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. A jury found her not guilty but Anthony’s problems have continued since the end of her trial. She recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to cover her many outstanding debts.

Anthony’s debts include lawyers fees, back taxes and court fees. In addition to the debts related to her defense, she also has numerous civil law suits that have been mounted against her. In all, court documents reveal almost 80 creditors that are after Anthony. To date, she is insolvent due to unemployment. She is seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge Anthony of her debts and allow her to start over financially. A Tampa bankruptcy court is reviewing her case.

Whether a public figure or a private citizen, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to restart a financial history. Regardless of the event that caused your financial obstacle, Chapter 7 may be a viable option that allows you to get back on track. Chapter 7 can extend to many industries, including farming. If you are a farmer who has suffered significant losses that prevent you from keeping up on your land or operating payments, bankruptcy may be the solution to your problem.

The first step to bankruptcy is to have your case properly assessed by a qualified bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney can offer real solutions to your financial quagmire.

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