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People in Kansas City are hard workers who try to be financially responsible. And, part of being financially responsible is creating an estate plan, to see one’s assets passed on. While one estate plan may not seem too different from another, in fact it is important that every estate plan be drafted with the unique needs of the individual in mind.

For this reason, the professionals at the law firm of Stockton & Stern, LLC, do not use boilerplate estate planning documents. Instead, our attorneys create unique plans for all their clients. They pay attention to their clients’ wishes and concerns, along with their clients’ unique family dynamics to create an estate plan that meets not only the needs of their clients, but also their clients’ heirs.

Sometimes, it is necessary to collaborate with others in the estate planning process. The professionals at Stockton & Stern, LLC, are able to work with their clients’ financial, tax and insurance representatives to make sure that no stone is left unturned. This gives their clients the peace of mind.

Estate plans can be comprised of a number of types of documents. Of course, many people in Kansas City have a will, and that is a good starting point for a well-rounded estate plan. However, most individuals can find that additional types of documents can play a role in their estate plan. For example, some people choose to create a trust, powers of attorney and advance directives, in addition to a will, to ensure all of their bases are covered.

In the end, when it comes to estate planning, it can be beneficial to seek legal advice first, to ensure not only that one starts off on the right foot, but also that their estate plan meets all of their needs. The professionals at Stockton & Stern, LLC, have a webpage on estate planning that may be useful to Kansas City residents.