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Attorneys can assist with the creation of special needs trusts

Sometimes, a person in Kansas City with special needs receives government benefits such as Medicaid benefits or Supplemental Security Income. However, did you know that if a person receiving benefits comes into an inheritance, his or her ability to continue receiving benefits could be affected? There are certain income and asset requirements that an individual… Read More »

Pending registry in may help Kansas Medicaid recipients find care

A statewide registry in Kansas is being created that would provide Medicaid (KanCare) recipients in the state with website that would make it simpler for them to find personal care professionals. This may help many individuals who have not been able to find individuals that are capable of caring for the sometimes significant needs of… Read More »

Legal advice can help when applying for Medicaid benefits

Many individuals who are planning for their long-term care needs often determine that they will need to apply for Medicaid benefits. However, there are numerous hoops to jump through in order to qualify for such benefits. In order to be approved for Medicaid, individuals in Kansas City must meet certain income and asset requirements. In… Read More »

Supporting a disabled loved one with a special needs trust

Parents of children with disabilities, or children whose parents have become incapable of caring for themselves, may face the very difficult decision of making sure their loved ones are taken care of should they pass away before the loved one. Estate planning is important for anyone in Kansas City, but individuals in situations like this… Read More »

Medicaid planning should be part of one’s end of life plan

Medicaid is a government resource that provides individuals of limited financial means with access to medical care. Both the State of Kansas and the federal government provide funding for Medicaid, and those individuals who wish to use it for their medical needs must qualify in order to receive it. Those who are interested in the… Read More »

Medicaid planning: some states see uptick in insured residents

Kansas City residents who are considering Medicaid as part of their long-term care needs may be interested to hear that the decision of the United States Supreme Court that upheld most of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, did not uphold the provision of the Act that would have made it mandatory for… Read More »

Medicaid planning may include a Medicaid spend-down

Many people in Kansas City may find that, as they age, they incur a significant amount of medical expenses. They may wonder how to cope financially with such costs. For some individuals, qualifying for Medicaid could be the financial lifeline they need to afford their medical care. However, Medicaid has income limits. If your income… Read More »

Cuts to Medicaid benefits criticized

Many people in Kansas City rely on Medicaid to afford their health care costs. However, some view the Medicaid program as troubled. Two Republican congressmen are proposing that Congress consider cutting optional Medicaid eligibility and benefit categories. This proposal would provide a means of reducing spending on Medicaid. Senator Orrin Hatch and Assemblyman Greg Walden… Read More »

What is “Medicaid planning” in Kansas?

Most Kansas residents are likely familiar with the fact that the “Medicaid” program exists, even if just due to news reports mentioning it in the context of the Affordable Care Act over the last several years. Many, however, may be intimately familiar with the program as it helps cover care for them or their loved… Read More »

Can a special-needs trust help one obtain Medicaid?

When a person in Kansas City has a disability, they may have a very limited income, if they can work at all. When this is the case, they may rely on government benefits, such as Medicaid to pay for their medical expenses. Such benefits are often means-based. Means-based means that a person with too many… Read More »