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How bad credit can ruin a relationship

Bad credit and lackluster dating are not usually topics that are linked together. However, in a recent div one writer questions whether a person with bad credit is a good choice for a date. An inability to have control of one’s personal finances may be a sign of negative traits in other areas of life,… Read More »

Millennials and their debt

A survey of millennials reveals new insight into their spending habits. Overwhelming debt seems to be a pervasive issue in the lives of those aged 22 to 33. This debt greatly influences how they conduct their life. The survey, which was conducted by Wells Fargo, questioned more than 1600 millennials and 1500 baby boomers. Four… Read More »

Post-grad credit card debt

New college graduates have many big decisions to make. Which job to take? Where to live? One decision that grads often overlook is the quality of their banking institution. New grads should evaluate whether their current bank meets all their post-graduate needs. While still in college, banks often offer credits cards and no-fee checking account… Read More »

To use credit or not, that is the question?

Determining whether to use credit or not use credit is a big question for residents in Kansas and across the nation. It is one that financial experts often disagree on. While some experts believe that credit cards should be avoided at all costs, others believe that learning to use credit wisely is a good way… Read More »

Debt collection firm sued for unethical practices

One firm’s attack on cash-strapped borrowers may be coming to an end. In an effort to better protect consumers from unethical debt collection practices, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has filed a lawsuit against Frederick J. Hanna & Associates. Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is a Georgia-based firm that was founded in 1981. The… Read More »

Post-divorce financial troubles

Loss of a job or a health crisis are unexpected life events that can cause long term financial strain. However divorce is another event that can create severe financial hardship for an individual. There are some things that every divorced person should do to protect their financial health. First, close all joint accounts after a… Read More »

Avoiding bankruptcy from credit card debt in your 20’s

It is back to school time for Kansas children of all ages. For recent graduates, this marks the first year of school independence. Instead of returning to books and laptops, it is time to buckle down in the workplace and create financial stability. For new graduates that are in their 20’s, there are some things… Read More »

Facing credit card debt after the holidays are through

The holidays are over and now that all the shopping and festivities are done, many people in Kansas City are facing a dreaded annual staple: a high credit card bill. Fortunately, there are some steps debtors can take to lower their credit card balances before they become overwhelming. In doing so, they may be able… Read More »

Protecting debtors from creditor harassment — part I

Receiving harassing and threatening calls from debt collectors is the last thing a person in Kansas City who is already under an incredible amount of financial distress needs. Unfortunately, in the past many debt collectors engaged in unscrupulous practices in an attempt to collect on an individual’s debt. Because of this, Congress enacted the Fair… Read More »

Protecting debtors from creditor harassment — part II

Previously we began a discussion about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and how it protects consumers. In this post, we discuss what constitutes unfair practices, threats and creditor harassment under the FDCPA. First of all, under the FDCPA debt collectors cannot utilize unfair practices. First of all, this means that they cannot attempt to… Read More »