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Benefits of Divorce Planning

Most people do not get married planning to get divorced, so the idea of “divorce planning” may feel wrong. However, if you have signs that the end of your marriage may be imminent, divorce planning is definitely a concept to consider. Planning for a divorce can be difficult - both logistically and emotionally, and it always helps to seek the guidance of a trusted divorce lawyer from the start.

How Can You Plan for Divorce?

There are many steps you can take if you believe divorce may be in your near future. The following are only some common steps, and you may have more depending on your situation:

● Inventory your personal property

● Gather deeds and titles to homes and cars

● Gather all financial account and debt information

● Photocopy all insurance policies, contracts, and other important paperwork

● Know Social Security numbers for you, your spouse, and your children

In addition, you can take time to learn about the different options for divorce, including collaborative divorce, uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, and more. The following are only some of the many benefits to planning and preparing for divorce when possible.

Saving Time and Money

When you decide you want to file for divorce, you likely want to do it as soon as possible. If you have all the necessary information gathered and organized, the preparation process can go much quicker and smoother. In addition, you will save resources if you present all of your information to your lawyer during your first consultation. This will give your attorney a headstart on understanding your situation.

Knowing about your divorce options can also save resources in many cases. Once you learn about the benefits of out-of-court agreements regarding property division, child custody, and more, you may want to start conversations with your spouse to see if you can agree on resolutions. If you can reach effective agreements, you may be able to file for an uncontested case, which is generally quicker and costs less than a contested divorce.

Protecting Your Rights

When you and your attorney have a complete and accurate picture of your situation from the beginning, you can better protect your rights under Kansas divorce law. For example, how will you know how to fairly divide your property if you are not even sure of what property you own? Also, are there investment accounts or credit cards that only your spouse uses? These can be considered marital assets and debts, so it is essential that you are aware of all relevant accounts. A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to ensuring a fair outcome of a divorce case.

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