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Ten Warning Signs of Elderly in Need of Help

Kansas businesses and families are impacted to meet the needs of an aging population

Older adults are a growing part of our nation that can contribute to the economy and their financial well-being and healthcare. However, they experience unique challenges to their independence, such as unreliable pensions and increased healthcare costs. In 2014, 46 million people (15 percent of the U.S. population) were age 65 or over. In 2030, there will be 74 million older adults (21 percent of the U.S. population). It's no surprise that Kansas leads the country. In 2016, more than 21 percent of the Kansas population was 60 or over.

Experienced elder law attorneys at Stockton & Kandt LLC in Gardner help older adults and their loved ones overcome the challenges that accompany age. Our attorneys assist clients throughout Kansas to protect assets, plan their estate, and chart a course for long-term health. Our lawyers help you maintain your independence and offer expert guidance and counsel to elders and their families.

How can I tell if my parents need help?

Everyone comes of age in his or her way. It comes harder to some than others. When you see unattended mail pile up in your parents or grandparents' home or they greet you with a disheveled appearance and show disinterest in seeing friends and family, something's amiss. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration on Aging compiled ten warning signs to help families determine if a relative needs help. Has your family member:

If you observe one or more of these warning signs it's time to address it with your loved one and seek help from a healthcare professional. You can find help in your community using the Department of Health and Human Services' Eldercare Locator, or contact us online and we can guide you and your family to expert care in your area.

What if my mom or dad won't listen to my concerns. Then what?

You can accept that your parents are independent adults and can make their own decisions for better or worse. But assess the situation. If their behavior puts them at risk of hurting themselves or a loved one it needs to be addressed before it becomes a healthcare crisis or criminal matter.

Contact our compassionate Kansas elder law attorneys to guide you and your loved ones to financial independence and well-being

To learn more about options to help an older adult maintain their lifestyle and health, contact Stockton & Kandt LLC . Our elder law and Medicaid planning attorneys are committed to helping your loved ones continue to be a vibrant part of your family and community. From our offices in Gardner, Leawood, and Overland we represent clients throughout Kansas. Call us at (913) 856-2828 or contact us online.