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Since 2000, Stockton Law Office has provided honest counsel rooted in strong Christian values. Our Kansas lawyers provide full-service legal representation to individuals and businesses in practice areas such as estate planning, probate, bankruptcy, business law and family law. We are committed to providing real, meaningful solutions.

A man lies in a ditch, at the mercy of others wishing to do him harm. Many people pass by, even friends, failing to offer aid. Finally, the Good Samaritan arrives. If you are faced with a legal challenge, you may be able to identify with the man in the ditch. You may be in need of your own personal Good Samaritan, an advocate who can pull you up and guide you forward. At Stockton Law Office, we spend every day helping people through difficult times.

In our quest to provide meaningful solutions to clients in Gardner, Leawood and throughout Kansas and Missouri, we have developed the following mission statement:

We worry about your case so you do not have to. Our attorneys understand that legal situations are stressful. We will do everything we can to take the stress off your shoulders and onto ours so you can live your life while we resolve your case.

We listen to you. Every case is different and we respect that fact. We encourage you to talk to us, to tell us about your situation. We take care to understand the nuances of your case. We are not form pushers, moving papers around. We do not just fill in the blanks. We create customized documents and one-of-a-kind strategies for each case.

We work as a team. One of our law firm's hallmarks is our teamwork. Our lawyers and staff work together. There is a common bond, supportive attitudes and a sense of humor. Together, we work to make your case a success.

We strive to exceed expectations. While we will be honest and realistic about your case and the challenges that will need to be overcome, we will also put forth every effort to deliver the best possible outcome, no matter what stands in our way.

We give back. We are grateful for what we have, so we give back to the community.

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